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Music of Spain: Quiz


Question 1: All over Castile there is also a strong tradition of dance music for dulzaina (________) and rondalla groups.
OboeCor anglais (English horn)BassoonShawm

Question 2: ________ and guitar-accompanied cante jondo is especially associated with Murcia as well as rondallas (plucked-string bands).
FlamencoConcurso de Cante JondoPalo (flamenco)Classical guitar

Question 3: ________ and La Rioja are small regions with diverse cultural elements.
CantabriaLa Rioja (Spain)NavarreBalearic Islands

Question 4: The jota is common, here played with triangles, castanets, guitars, tambourines, ________ and zambombas.
AccordionBayan (accordion)ConcertinaAccordion music genres

Question 5: The most popular kind of Basque folk music is called after the dance trikitixa, which is based on the ________ and tambourine.
AccordionBayan (accordion)Accordion music genresConcertina

Question 6: Although the music of Spain is often associated with traditions like ________ and the acoustic guitar,Spanish music is in fact incredibly diverse from region to region.
Palo (flamenco)FlamencoConcurso de Cante JondoClassical guitar

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Music of Spain have?
Time Pilot '84
Antonio Soler's Sonata No. 84, an example of the Baroque music was in Spain
San Antonio Spurs 1998-99 NBA Champions
Antonio Segni

Question 8: Catalan ________ have created their own style of rumba called rumba catalana which is a popular style that's similar to flamenco, but not technically part of the flamenco canon.
Romani peopleGypsyRomanichalRomani people by country

Question 9: ________ is known for its chotis music, a local variation to the European tradition of 19th century schottische dance.

Question 10: The Music of Spain has a vibrant and long history which has had an important impact on music in ________.
Western cultureModern historyWestern worldEurope


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