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Question 1: In this respect music is like fiction, which likewise draws a distinction between classics and ________ that is not always easy to maintain.
NovelLiteratureGenre fictionPoetry

Question 2: Art music may also include certain forms of ________ (even though jazz is primarily a form of popular music).
DixielandAmerican popular musicBluesJazz

Question 3: An example of a blues-rock group would be ________ and Double Trouble.
Stevie Ray VaughanStevie Ray Vaughan discographyTexas FloodVoodoo Child (Slight Return)

Question 4: In the West, nearly all music except ________ has a fusional origin.
Celtic musicFolk musicElectric folkTraditional music

Question 5: The usual stereotype of "popular music" is music belonging to any of a number of musical styles that are accessible to the general public and are disseminated by one or more of the ________.
PublishingInternetMass mediaNews media

Question 6: Traditional music is the modern name for what used to be called "________", before the term "Folk music" was expanded to include a lot of non-traditional material.
Pete SeegerFolk musicWoody GuthrieElectric folk

Question 7: The very distinction between classical and popular music has sometimes been blurred in the border regions [5], for instance ________ and light classics.
Drone musicMinimalist musicDowntown musicSteve Reich

Question 8: Art music primarily refers to classical music, including ________, or others listed at List of art music traditions (including non-European classical music), Contemporary classical music (including Electronic music, Experimental music and Minimalist music).
Musical formClassical musicMusic theoryMusical notation

Question 9: The elevation of classical music to a position of special value is closely connected to the concept of a Western canon, and to theories of ________.
Robert Maynard HutchinsGreat BooksEducational perennialismSt. John's College (United States)

Question 10: Green lists the madrigal, the ________, the canzona, the ricercar, and the dance as examples of genres (from the Renaissance period).
AntiphonMotetMedieval musicChanson

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