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Muscle weakness: Quiz


Question 1: Glycogen is the intramuscular storage form of ________, used to generate energy quickly once intramuscular creatine stores are exhausted, producing lactic acid as a metabolic byproduct.

Question 2: Most movements require a force far below what a muscle could in potential generate, and barring ________ nervous fatigue is seldom an issue.
Infectious diseasePathologyDiseaseInfection

Question 3: Muscle weakness, also known as muscle fatigue, (or "lack of strength") refers to the inability to exert force with one's skeletal ________.
MuscleFasciaTorsoHead and neck anatomy

Question 4: High concentrations of ________ also causes the muscle cells to decrease in efficiency, causing cramping and fatigue.

Question 5: This can occur through a simple lack of energy to fuel contraction, or interference with the ability of Ca2+ to stimulate ________ and myosin to contract.

Question 6: Muscle weakness may be due to problems with the nerve supply, neuromuscular disease such as ________ or problems with muscle itself.
AsthmaCoeliac diseaseMyasthenia gravisSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 7: Intracellular chloride inhibits the contraction of muscles, preventing them from contracting due to "false alarms", small stimuli which may cause them to contract (akin to ________).
Generalised epilepsyEpilepsySleep apneaMyoclonus

Question 8:
There is also a gradual onset of muscle weakness as a result of ________ - the age-related loss of skeletal muscle.
Growth hormoneOsteoporosisSarcopeniaFrailty syndrome

Question 9: The gradual loss of muscle strength and competence, and the loss of bone (________), are components of the frailty syndrome.
OsteoporosisOsteitis fibrosa cysticaOsteopeniaOsteochondritis dissecans

Question 10: In some conditions, such as ________ muscle strength is normal when resting, but true weakness occurs after the muscle has been subjected to exercise.
Myasthenia gravisSystemic lupus erythematosusAsthmaCoeliac disease


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