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Question 1: ________ responsible for pumping blood
Skeletal muscleSmooth muscleExtrafusal muscle fiberCardiac muscle

Question 2: The brain sends signals, in the form of ________, through the nervous system to the motor neuron that innervates several muscle fibers [1].
Photoreceptor cellIon channelChemical synapseAction potential

Question 3: Muscles undergoing heavy eccentric loading suffer greater damage when overloaded (such as during muscle building or ________ exercise) as compared to concentric loading.
Weight trainingSquat (exercise)Strength trainingBodybuilding

Question 4: Frequency summation - For skeletal muscles, the force exerted by the muscle is controlled by varying the frequency at which ________ are sent to muscle fibers.
Ion channelAction potentialPhotoreceptor cellNeuron

Question 5: During an eccentric contraction of the biceps muscle, the ________ starts the movement while bent and then straightens as the hand moves away from the shoulder.
JointUpper limbElbowWrist

Question 6: ________ responsible for sustained contractions in the blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and other areas in the body
Cardiac muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberSkeletal muscleSmooth muscle

Question 7: The acetylcholine diffuses across the synapse and binds to and activates ________ on the motor end plate of the muscle cell.
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptorAlpha-3 beta-4 nicotinic receptorAlpha-4 beta-2 nicotinic receptorAlpha-7 nicotinic receptor

Question 8: The action potential propagates by activating sodium dependent channels along the axon toward the ________.
Photoreceptor cellNeuromuscular junctionNeuronChemical synapse

Question 9: ________ generates tension through the action of actin and myosin cross-bridge cycling.
Cardiac muscleSkeletal muscleExtrafusal muscle fiberIntrafusal muscle fiber

Question 10: In the case of some reflexes, the signal to contract can originate in the ________ through a feedback loop with the grey matter.
White matterSpinal cordHuman brainNervous system


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