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Muscarinic agonist: Quiz


Question 1: Pilocarpine is a drug that acts as a muscarinic receptor agonist that is used to treat ________.

Question 2: In ________ (AD) amyloid formation may decrease the ability of these receptors to transmit their signals leading to decrease cholinergic activity.
Alzheimer's diseaseHuntington's diseaseParkinson's diseaseMild cognitive impairment

Question 3: These agents show promise as they are neurotrophic, decrease amyloid depositions, and improve damage due to ________.
Radical (chemistry)Reactive oxygen speciesAntioxidantOxidative stress

Question 4: Arecoline, an alkaloid present in the ________.
TuvaluVanuatuPalauAreca nut

Question 5: Transporter [________]: Enhancer (RE) • Inhibitor (RI) • Releaser (RA)
ReuptakeGlutamic acidDopamineMonoamine neurotransmitter

Question 6: A muscarinic receptor agonist is an agent that enhances the activity of the ________.
5-HT1A receptorHistamine H3 receptorMuscarinic acetylcholine receptor5-HT receptor

Question 7: The agent xanomeline has been proposed as a potential treatment for ________.
Mental disorderBipolar disorderSchizophreniaMajor depressive disorder


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