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Murti: Quiz


Question 1: The murti is regarded by Hindus and also by some ________ Buddhists (e.g.
Buddhist textsMahayana sutrasMahayanaBuddhism

Question 2: Murtis are sometimes abstract, but are almost always representations of gods in anthropomorphic or zoomorphic forms like Shiva, ________, Rama, Kali, etc.

Question 3: In Southern India, the material used predominantly for murtis is black ________, while material in North India is white marble.
BasaltFelsicGraniteIgneous rock

Question 4: Some Hindu denominations like ________ and Satya Mahima Dharma, however, reject it, equating it with an idol worship.
MumbaiKolkataArya SamajSwami Dayananda Saraswati

Question 5: ________) during worship as a point of devotional and meditational focus.
MuktinathJomsomLo ManthangKagbeni, Mustang

Question 6: According to the ________, the स्थूलमूर्ति / बिम्बमूर्ति (bimbamurti, corporeal idol) is different from the मन्त्रमूर्ति (mantramurti, the idol with power), which is worshipped in classical temples.
BuddhismBuddhist textsPre-sectarian BuddhismĀgama (Buddhism)

Question 7: According to ________, “This is similar to our ability to communicate with others through the telephone.
Sivaya SubramuniyaswamiBuddhismSwami VivekanandaHinduism

Question 8: In Hinduism, a murti (________: मूर्ति) typically refers to an image which expresses a Divine Spirit (murta).
Malayalam scriptGujarati scriptDevanagariBrāhmī script


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