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Murray River: Quiz


Question 1: The Murray also receives water from the complex dam and pipeline system of the ________.
Kosciuszko National ParkSnowy Hydro LimitedSnowy Mountains SchemeKhancoban, New South Wales

Question 2:

Question 3: The Murray River also supports fringing corridors and forests of the famous ________.
Eucalyptus regnansEucalyptusEucalyptus camaldulensisEucalyptus delegatensis

Question 4:
Where is the mouth of the Murray River?

Question 5: A species of Neoceratodus lungfish existed in Lake Bungunia (McKay & Eastburn, 1990); today Neoceratodus lungfish are only found in several ________ rivers.
AustraliaQueenslandNorthern TerritoryNew South Wales

Question 6: Being one of the major river systems in one of the driest continents of Earth, the Murray has significant cultural relevance to ________.
MelanesiaIndigenous AustraliansIndigenous Australian musicNorfolk Island

Question 7: The Murray was plagued by "snags", fallen trees submerged in the water, and considerable efforts were made to clear the river of these threats to shipping by using ________ equipped with steam-driven winches.
Cruise shipBargeTrain ferryDredging

Question 8: Deep clays deposited by the lake are evident in cliffs around Chowilla in ________.
Northern TerritoryVictoria (Australia)Western AustraliaSouth Australia

Question 9: Small private boats are used for ________ and fishing.
ItalyWaterskiingGrass skiingSkwal

Question 10: Along the intervening stretch of the river a series of locks and ________ were built.
WeirLock (water transport)DamWatermill


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