Murphy drip: Quiz

Question 1: [3] Prior to fluids or medicines being given ________, the Murphy drip and hypodermoclysis were the prime routes to administer fluids such as for replacement when patients could not be fed by mouth.
Cream (pharmaceutical)EnemaIntravenous therapyIntraosseous infusion

Question 2: [7] By as early as July 1928, the Murphy drip was considered an auxiliary method of injection behind ________ and subcutaneous injection, the two principal methods of injection at that time.
Intravenous therapyIntraosseous infusionCream (pharmaceutical)Enema

Question 3: A description of a Murphy drip set up is contained in the 1932 ________ legal case, Ratliffe v. Wesley Hospital and Nurses' Training School:[12]
Crawford County, KansasKansas Supreme CourtLawrence, KansasDodge City, Kansas

Question 4: A Murphy drip is a rectal infusion apparatus to administer the medical procedure of ________, also known as rectoclysis.
SuppositoryDosage formIntraperitoneal injectionEnema

Question 5: The Murphy drip was invented by Wisconsin surgeon ________, for the purpose of administering a proctoclysis for hydration and replenishment of electrolytes, via a sodium and calcium chloride solution.
PhysicianJohn Benjamin MurphyGynaecologyAppendicectomy

Question 6: [4] Wisconsin surgeon ________ introduced the drip method of saline infusion per rectum in the treatment of peritonitis.
John Benjamin MurphyAppendicectomyPhysicianGynaecology

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