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Murder of Imette St. Guillen: Quiz


Question 1: [13][25] During that time, Littlejohn had been tried and convicted in the abduction attempt of a ________ woman on October 19, 2005.
BrooklynQueensNew York CityNassau County, New York

Question 2: Her gruesome murder, which captured national attention[3] along with the later murder of ________, was to have a profound impact on New York City's nightlife.
Murder of Jennifer MooreNightlife legislation of the United StatesNew JerseyMurder of Imette St. Guillen

Question 3: [18] Other, more official reward posters were put up in the ________ neighborhood around Spring and Lafayette streets, where she was last seen alive, offering a $42,000 reward.
ManhattanSoHoLower East SideGreenwich Village

Question 4: Despite this, Dorrian still has other establishments that are doing lucrative business in New York City and ________.
New JerseyDelawareMassachusettsPennsylvania

Question 5: Guillen was found in an area off the ________,[12] known as Fountain Avenue.
Grand Central ParkwayCross Island ParkwayBelt ParkwayHutchinson River Parkway

Question 6: [78] David also said: "It's important because of the sort of mass ________ that surrounds the case."[78] It was further reported that the trial should occur in the Spring of 2008,[78] however this trial has not yet occurred.

Question 7: She received her undergraduate degree in criminal justice[1] and had graduated magna cum laude from ________.
George Washington University Residence HallsGeorgetown UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityGeorge Washington Colonials

Question 8: A pre-________ hearing[76] was held on September 11, 2007.
Trial (law)Jury trialAppealCourt

Question 9: [51] However, an earlier news source had quoted the amount of the civil suit as ________100 million and stated that federal authorities lost track of Littlejohn.
Federal Reserve SystemUnited StatesHawaiiUnited States dollar

Question 10: [24] ________ that was proven to be Littlejohn's, most likely caused from a nosebleed, was found on the plastic ties that were used to bind St.

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