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Murabaha: Quiz


Question 1: Use of the instrument of Murabaha is however restricted only to those cases where ________ and Musharakah are not practicable.
Central bankIslamic bankingIslamic economic jurisprudenceFull-reserve banking

Question 2: Part of a series on
Islamic Jurisprudence

– a discipline of ________
Muslim worldShariaIslamic theologyIslamic studies

Question 3: There are, however practical guidelines in place which aim to ensure that the transaction between the ________ and the customer is one based on trade and not merely a financing transaction.
Investment bankingBankOffshore bankCommercial bank

Question 4: FINCA Afghanistan, a murabaha-compliant ________ institution (MFI)
MicrofinanceMicrocreditFINCA InternationalPoverty

Question 5: It is one of the most popular modes used by banks in ________ countries to promote riba-free transactions.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches


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