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Muqaddimah: Quiz


Question 1: In chapter 23 of his work, entitled Fi 'ilm al-kimya, he discussed the history of alchemy, the views of alchemists such as ________,[48] and the theories of the transmutation of metals and elixir of life.
Abbasid CaliphateAl-KindiMuhammad ibn Zakariya al-RaziGeber

Question 2: His theory of asabiyyah has often been compared to modern ________, with Ibn Khaldun's theory clearly containing the concept of the multiplier.
John Maynard KeynesKeynesian economicsSupply-side economicsCapitalism

Question 3: In the Muqaddimah's Introductory Remarks, Ibn Khaldun agrees with the classical republicanism of ________ proposition that man is political by nature, and that man's interdependence creates the need for the political community.
Virtue ethicsPhronesisAristotleAristotelianism

Question 4: In Islamic psychology, Ibn Khaldun wrote the following on ________:
Dream interpretationSigmund FreudEgo psychologyCarl Jung

Question 5: The Muqaddimah deals with various questions of ________.
David HumePolitical philosophyUtilitarianismJustice

Question 6: Ibn Khaldun discussed the ________.
Science of hadithHadith terminologyIntroduction to the Science of HadithBiographical evaluation

Question 7: The Muqaddimah is also held to be a foundational work for the schools of ________, cultural history, and the philosophy of history.
HistoriographyAbu Rayhan BiruniIslamic Golden AgeMilitary history

Question 8: Ibn Khaldun discussed the ________, and wrote the following on the history of Islamic science:
Scientific methodRelationship between religion and scienceHistory of scienceScientific revolution

Question 9: Ibn Khaldun is considered a pioneer of the ________.
Political philosophyGlossary of philosophyAristotlePhilosophy of history

Question 10: While discussing his "new science", now associated with the ________, Ibn Khaldūn states that no other author before him, as far as he was aware, had written about it.
Social sciencesScientific methodNatural sciencePseudoscience


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