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Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation: Quiz


Question 1:
What entity owns Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation?
London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Athletic Park Company
David Adkins
The Jeongsu Scholarship Foundation

Question 2:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Princess Hours?

Question 3:
How many minutes did Dae Jang Geum run for?
Approximately 57 minutes
Approximately 1 Hour
55 mins. approximately
approximately 30 minutes

Question 4:
What network screens The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince?

Question 5: MBC’s hallmark reality program ________ has held high viewership rating for three consecutive years.
Park Myeong-suInfinite ChallengeHaha (entertainer)Jeong Hyeong-don

Question 6:
Who was an executive producer of My Lovely Sam Soon?
Yun-Cheol Kim
John Palermo
Eric Laneuville
Kanako Iwatani

Question 7:
Who of the following is a key person at Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation?
Ohm Ki-young, CEO & President
Christophe Camborde, Chairman and managing director, Founder
Marlo D. Mendoza,
Toshiyuki, Hirata, President

Question 8:
Where does Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation come from?
South Korea
South Africa

Question 9: On August 1, 2008, MBC America launched MBC-D, a television service carried on the digital subchannels of ________, KTSF-TV, and WMBC-TV.

Question 10: Episodes have included one that covered scientific fraud by the Korean geneticist ________ and another that contained several disputed claims against importing US beef.
CloningRoh Moo-hyunHwang Woo-SukSouth Korea


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