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Multiplication: Quiz


Question 1: This usage originated in the ________ programming language.
Pointer (computing)C (programming language)Programming paradigmFortran

Question 2: The product of a sequence of terms can be written with the product symbol, which derives from the capital letter Π (Pi) in the ________.
Hebrew alphabetGreek alphabetGreek languagePhoenician alphabet

Question 3: The Babylonians used a sexagesimal ________, analogous to the modern day decimal system.
Decimal separatorNumeral systemNon-standard positional numeral systemsPositional notation

Question 4: In ________, there is actually a distinction between the cross and the dot symbols.
Matrix (mathematics)Matrix multiplicationRing (mathematics)Vector space

Question 5: For example, multiplication is not, in general, commutative for matrices and ________.
QuaternionVector spaceComplex numberBiquaternion

Question 6: Multiplication can also be visualized as counting objects arranged in a rectangle (for whole numbers) or as finding the ________ of a rectangle whose sides have given lengths (for numbers generally).

Question 7: The Ishango bone, dated to about 18,000 to 20,000 BC, hints at a knowledge of multiplication in the ________ era in Central Africa.
8th millennium BCStone Age10th millennium BCUpper Paleolithic

Question 8: Notationally, we would replace n above by the ________ .
NumberInfinityLarge numbersTransfinite number

Question 9: Beginning in the early twentieth century, mechanical ________, such as the Marchant, automated multiplication of up to 10 digit numbers.
Programmable calculatorScientific calculatorPersonal computerCalculator

Question 10: Multiplication is sometimes denoted by either a ________ or a period:


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