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Question 1: This process of becoming more attractive to foreign investment can be characterized as a ________, a push towards greater autonomy for corporate bodies, or both.
International Monetary FundRace to the bottomFair tradeGlobalization

Question 2: Similar corporate and government confrontations have occurred when governments tried to force MNCs to make their ________ public in an effort to gain technology for local entrepreneurs.
Human rightsShariaLawIntellectual property

Question 3: The threat of ________ (forcing a company to sell its local assets to the government or to other local nationals) or changes in local business laws and regulations can limit a multinational's power.
Libertarian socialismNationalizationSocialismSocialist International

Question 4: The rapid rise of multinational corporations has been a topic of concern among ________, activists and laypersons who have seen it as a threat of such basic civil rights as privacy.
Social sciencesAnti-intellectualismIntellectualMarxism

Question 5: Many multinational corporations hold ________ to prevent competitors from arising.
PatentPatent applicationPatent infringementSoftware patent

Question 6: Countries and sometimes subnational regions must compete against one another for the establishment of MNC facilities, and the subsequent ________ revenue, employment, and economic activity.
TaxTax havenExciseIncome tax

Question 7: Anti-corporate protesters suggest that corporations answer only to shareholders, giving ________ and other issues almost no consideration.
CultureTortureHuman rightsReproductive rights

Question 8: Countries that have been the most successful in this type of confrontation with multinational corporations are large countries such as United States and ________[citation needed], which have viable indigenous market competitors.
East TimorPortugalMozambiqueBrazil

Question 9: The first modern MNC is generally thought to be the ________.
Dutch West India CompanyDutch EmpireDutch East India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 10: Because of their size, multinationals can have a significant impact on ________, primarily through the threat of market withdrawal.
Political sciencePolicyPolicy studiesPolicy analysis


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