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Multi-user: Quiz


Question 1: The complementary term, single-user, is most commonly used when talking about an operating system being usable only by one person at a time, or in reference to a single-user ________.
Free softwareProprietary softwareSoftware license agreementClickwrap

Question 2: Another example uses multiple X Window sessions spread across multiple terminals powered by a single machine - this is an example of the use of ________.
Operating systemThin clientComputer terminalUnix

Question 3: ________ systems are multi-user systems.
Time-sharing system evolutionTime-sharingDigital Equipment CorporationCP/CMS

Question 4: An example is a Unix server where multiple remote users have access (such as via ________) to the Unix shell prompt at the same time.
Secure ShellFile Transfer ProtocolHypertext Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay Chat

Question 5: Interix in a Multi-User Windows TSE Environment paper about the Unix multi-user model and ________ NT TSE
DirectXInternet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsInternet Information Services

Question 6: Multi-user is a term that defines an operating system or ________ that allows concurrent access by multiple users of a computer.
Microsoft OfficeApplication softwareComputer

Question 7: Most batch processing systems for ________ may also be considered "multi-user", to avoid leaving the CPU idle while it waits for I/O operations to complete.
Mainframe computerSupercomputerCalculatorMinicomputer

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