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Muladhara: Quiz


Question 1: Colour and shape: yellow square on a ________ lotus
BlueGreenRedOrange (colour)

Question 2: Muladhara chakra is the metaphysical seat of Lord ________ within the subtle bodies of man.

Question 3: That 'lotus' of muladhara chakra has four petals, metaphorically referring to the four vritties that find expression in this chakra: ________ (psycho-spiritual longing), artha (psychic longing), kama (physical longing) and moksha (longing for spiritual liberation).

Question 4: According to Hinduism within this chakra resides/sleeps the kundalini shakti, the great spiritual potential, waiting to be aroused and brought back up to the source from which it originated, ________.
BrahmanMonotheismĀstika and nāstikaMysticism

Question 5: Deities: ________, Indra, Brahma and Dakini

Question 6: Muladhara (Sanskrit: मूलाधार, Mūlādhāra), meaning "root place" is the first of the main seven chakras according to ________.
Buddhism and HinduismBuddhismMantraTantra

Question 7: Vedas (late ________): Adhara, Brahma, Muladhara, Mulakanda
RigvedaBhagavad GitaHindu textsUpanishads

Question 8: ________: Adhara, Brahma Padma, Bhumi Chakra, Chaturdala, Chatuhpatra, Muladhara, Mooladhara, Mula Chakra, Mula Padma
MantraBuddhismTantraBuddhism and Hinduism

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