Mukilteo, Washington: Quiz

Question 1: ________: Progressive rock band
Doppelgänger (The Fall of Troy album)Thomas ErakManipulator (album)The Fall of Troy

Question 2: The Mukilteo School District includes all of the city, but also a portion of south Everett and ________ to the south of the city.
MunicipalityUnincorporated areaUnited StatesAtlanta

Question 3: When the Alaskan oil fields were developed in the 1960s, Standard Oil decided that there was adequate capacity for refining at ________ and set aside plans to build a refinery on the property.
Tacoma, WashingtonBremerton, WashingtonMount Vernon, WashingtonAnacortes, Washington

Question 4: At one point there were two boathouses on the waterfront, Mukilteo Boat House and McConnell's Boathouse, but both have been demolished and replaced with a ________ apartment building and a hotel respectively.
Real estateProperty lawCondominiumAllodial title

Question 5: Japanese Gulch provides rail access from the Mukilteo waterfront to the ________ wide-body plant at Paine Field.
Caterpillar Inc.Kraft FoodsMcDonald'sBoeing

Question 6: Harbour Pointe is the location of ________ and Harbour Pointe Middle School.
Washington Interscholastic Activities AssociationEverett High School (Washington)Kamiak High SchoolBellingham High School

Question 7: ________ | Seattle metropolitan area | Spokane | Tacoma | Tri-Cities | Vancouver | Bellevue | Everett | Yakima
Kent, WashingtonSeattleRenton, WashingtonRedmond, Washington

Question 8: It was at Mukilteo that the Point Elliott Treaty was signed between Governor ________ and the chiefs of 22 Puget Sound tribes on January 22, 1855.
Edward S. SalomonMonrad WallgrenIsaac StevensWatson C. Squire

Question 9: It is on the shore of ________, and is the site of a Washington State Ferries terminal linking it to Clinton, on Whidbey Island.
Puget SoundPuget Sound regionAdmiralty InletSeattle

Question 10: Surrounding wooded hills filled with ________, cedar and hemlock supported a lumber mill and the town also had a cannery, a brewery, and a gunpowder plant.

Source: The Full Wiki (,_Washington)