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Question 1: In 1938, organisation claimed has 250,000 members, managed the 834 moques, 31 libraries, 1,774 schools, and 7,630 ________.
ShariaIslamic Golden AgeUlemaFiqh

Question 2: It emphasizes the authority of the Qur'an and the ________ as supreme Islamic law that serves as the legitimate basis of the interpretation of religious belief and practices, in contrast to traditional practices where shariah law invested in religious school by ulema.
Sunni IslamHadithShia IslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 3: Since its beginning, Muhammadiyah has thus been very concerned with maintaining tawhid, and refining ________ in society.

Question 4: Muhammadiyah strongly opposes syncretism, where Islam in Indonesia has coalesced with ________ (spirit worship) and with Hindu-Buddhist values that were spread among the villagers, including the upper classes, from the pre-Islamic period.

Question 5: Unlike its traditionalist counterpart, the Nahdatul Ulama, it never formed a ________.
IdeologyParliamentary systemPoliticsPolitical party

Question 6: However, by 1970 the committees dealing with education, economics, health and social welfare had been relocated to the national capital, ________.

Question 7: Muhammadiyah University of ________ [5] [6]
MadagascarMaluku IslandsMaldivesMakassar

Question 8: [6] (see also: ________).
History of IndonesiaTimeline of Indonesian historyIndonesian National RevolutionIndonesian killings of 1965–1966

Question 9: Today, with 29 million members Muhammadiyah is the second largest ________ organization in Indonesia, after Nahdatul Ulama.

Question 10: The central doctrine of Muhammadiyah is ________.
AliIslamic schools and branchesRashidunSunni Islam


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