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Mucilage: Quiz


Question 1: The plant genera ________ (Sundews), Pinguicula, and others have leaves studded with mucilage-secreting glands, and use a "flypaper trap" to capture insects.

Question 2: It is used in ________ for its demulcent properties.
Specialty (medicine)PhysicianMedicineSurgery

Question 3: Exopolysaccharides are the most stabilising factor for microaggregates and are widely distributed in ________.
SoilLandslideWater wellClay

Question 4: It occurs in various parts of nearly all classes of plant, usually in relatively small percentages, and is frequently associated with other substances, such as ________ and alkaloids.
Gallic acidEllagic acidTanninProanthocyanidin

Question 5: During the fermentation of ________ soybean, extracellular enzymes produced by Bacillus natto react with soybean sugars to produce mucilage.

Question 6: Mucilage has a unique purpose in some ________.
SarraceniaDroseraCarnivorous plantVenus Flytrap

Question 7: Therefore exopolysaccharide-producing "soil algae" play a vital role in the ________ of the world's soils.

Question 8: The substance covers the outside of, for example, unicellular or filamentous green algae and ________.
Streptococcus iniaeCyanobacteriaGram-positive bacteriaProkaryote

Question 9: Among the richest sources are cacti (and other succulents) and ________ seeds.

Question 10: ________ bark (slippery elm)
United StatesUlmus americanaUlmus glabraUlmus rubra


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