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Mstislav Rostropovich: Quiz


Question 1: [13] Rostropovich performed several times in ________ and was a close friend of Queen Sofía of Spain.

Question 2: He supported ________ during the 1993 constitutional crisis (Rostropovich conducted the National Symphony Orchestra in Red Square at the height of the crackdown),[12] and was also on friendly terms with Vladimir Putin.
Mikhail GorbachevPerestroikaRonald ReaganBoris Yeltsin

Question 3:
What proceeded Mstislav Rostropovich?
Pierre Boulez and Joni Mitchell
"Funkytown" by Lipps Inc
29th Regiment to form

Question 4: His international career started in 1963 in the Conservatoire of Liège (with Kirill Kondrashin) and in 1964 in ________.
West GermanyAllied-occupied GermanyEast GermanyGerman Empire

Question 5: Queen ________ awarded him the rare Medal for Art and Science (Dutch: "Eremedaille voor Kunst en Wetenschap") of the House-Order of Orange.
Carl XVI Gustaf of SwedenJuliana of the NetherlandsMonarchy of the NetherlandsBeatrix of the Netherlands

Question 6: He was a recipient of ________'s Sanford Medal.
Yale UniversityBrown UniversityHarvard UniversityPrinceton University

Question 7:
When did Mstislav Rostropovich die?

Question 8:
Where did Mstislav Rostropovich die?

Question 9:
Where was Mstislav Rostropovich born?

Question 10: Rostropovich left the Soviet Union in 1974 with his wife and children and settled in the ________.
CanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesAlaska


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