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Question 1:

Question 2: [16] To combat what they saw as the Mozilla Suite's ________, they created a stand-alone browser, with which they intended to replace the Mozilla Suite.
ComputerSoftware bloatMicrosoft WindowsMozilla Firefox

Question 3:
What was Mozilla Firefox written in?

Question 4: Firefox for mobile, codenamed Fennec, is a web browser for smaller non-PC devices, mobile phones and ________.
Mobile devicePersonal digital assistantSmartphonePalm OS

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does Mozilla Firefox produce?

Question 6: [152] Other known causes of memory problems were malfunctioning extensions such as Google Toolbar and some older versions of ________,[153] or plug-ins, such as older versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Gecko (layout engine)Mozilla Firefox 2AdblockMozilla Firefox

Question 7:
What license is Mozilla Firefox distributed under?
MPL/GNU GPL/GNU LGPL/Additional Notices
GNU General Public License v2
Mozilla Public License

Question 8:

Question 9: [5] It also reported that ________ is among the top three web browser versions surpassing Internet Explorer 7.
Mozilla Firefox 3Mozilla Firefox 3.6Mozilla Firefox 3.5Mozilla Firefox

Question 10: Mozilla development team has also announced a project named "Electrolysis" to make Firefox multiprocess, similar to implementations done by ________ and Internet Explorer 8.
Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeKonquerorCamino

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