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Question 1: ________, the Christian liturgy preserved by the Mozarabs.
Catholic ChurchMass (liturgy)Mozarabic RiteTridentine Mass

Question 2: The cultural language of Mozarabs continued to be ________, but as time passed, young Mozarabs studied and even excelled at Arabic.
Old LatinLatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin

Question 3: (________ comes from the Arabic word مستعرب - musta'rab, i.e.

Question 4: Mozarabic is first documented in writing in the Peninsula as choruses (________) (9th century) in Arabic lyrics called muwashshahs.
Mozarabic languageAl-AndalusArabic poetryKharja

Question 5: With the deepening of Islamization and the advance of the ________, Mozarabic was substituted either by Arabic or by Northern Romance varieties, depending on the area and century.
CrusadesInquisitionSpanish InquisitionReconquista

Question 6: Unlike most Romance languages, Mozarabic was primarily written in the ________ rather than the Latin alphabet, though it was also written in the Latin alphabet and less so in the Hebrew alphabet.
Arabic alphabetSyriac alphabetArabic languagePhoenician alphabet

Question 7: In some aspects, it is more archaic than the other ________.
Portuguese languageSpanish languageRomance languagesFrench language

Question 8: The word Ladino (<LATINUM) survived with the specific ________ of "Spanish written by Jews" (Roger Wright 1982, p.
J. L. AustinGilbert RyleMeaning (linguistics)Ludwig Wittgenstein

Question 9: ________, the Christian population under Islamic rule.

Question 10: As these were written in the ________, the vowels had to be reconstructed when transliterating it into Latin script.
Syriac alphabetArabic languageArabic alphabetHebrew alphabet


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