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Question 1: Variable area does have slightly less frequency response than variable density, but because of the grain and variable infrared absorption of various film stocks, variable density had a lower ________.
Noise (electronics)Peak signal-to-noise ratioSignal-to-noise ratioJohnson–Nyquist noise

Question 2: In IMAX the film is transported horizontally in the film gate, similar to ________.
CinemaScope35 mm filmAnamorphic formatVistaVision

Question 3: This theory is said to account for the illusion of motion which results when a series of ________ images is displayed in quick succession, rather than the perception of the individual frames in the series.
FilmIndependent filmFilmmakingMovie theater

Question 4: (Interestingly this threshold varies across different species; a higher proportion of ________ in the retina will create a higher threshold level.)
Amacrine cellPhotoreceptor cellRod cellCone cell

Question 5: As the photocell picks up the light in varying intensities, the electricity produced is intensified by an ________, which in turn powers a loudspeaker, where the electrical impulses are turned into air vibrations and thus, sound waves.
AmplifierOperational amplifierCommon emitterElectronic amplifier

Question 6: Optical sound constitutes the recording and reading of ________ based on the amount of light that is projected through a soundtrack area on a film using an illuminating light or laser and a photocell or photodiode.
Crest factorWaveAmplitudeMeasuring instrument

Question 7: While neither a technical nor a commercial success, the ________ survives as implemented by the documentary production, limited release locations, and long running exhibitions of IMAX dome movies.
Strategic managementBusiness modelBusiness model designMarketing

Question 8: ________ and even limelight were the first light sources used in film projection.
Incandescent light bulbFlashtubeCompact fluorescent lampFluorescent lamp

Question 9: Called ________, the images were projected onto an extremely wide, curved screen.

Question 10: This will not work with television due to the persistence of the phosphors nor with ________ or DLP light projectors due to the continuity of image, although certain color artifacts may appear with some digital projection technologies.
Liquid crystal displayLCD televisionOrganic LEDTFT LCD


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