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Movement disorder: Quiz


Question 1: ________ RLS (WittMaack-Ekboms disease)
DyskinesiaMovement disorderRestless legs syndromeTremor

Question 2: ________ (Mirror Movements or Homolateral Synkinesis)
Bell's palsyEdemaOculomotor nerveSynkinesis

Question 3: ________ (brief, involuntary twitching of a muscle or a group of muscles)
Sleep apneaMyoclonusGeneralised epilepsyEpilepsy

Question 4:
  • ________ (affecting only one side of the body)
    HemiballismusTremorRestless legs syndromeDyskinesia

Question 5: ________ (twisting of head and neck)
DystoniaHuntington's diseaseSpasmodic torticollisHemiballismus

Question 6: Dyskinesia: ________ (Cerebellar ataxia/Dysmetria, Sensory ataxia)
Intention tremorRestless legs syndromeTremorAtaxia

Question 7: ________ (hereditary progressive dystonia with diurnal fluctuation or Segawa's disease)
PhenylketonuriaWilson's diseaseGTP cyclohydrolase IDopamine-responsive dystonia


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