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Question 1: In the 1298 book Zao Huozi Yinshufa (造活字印书法/造活字印書法) of the Chinese official Wang Zhen, there is mention of ________ movable type, but this was largely experimental.

Question 2: The counter shapes are transferred in relief (cameo) onto the end of a rectangular bar of ________ using a specialized engraving tool called a graver.
Stainless steelCast ironCarbon steelAlloy steel

Question 3: As described by the Chinese scholar ________ (1031–1095):
Shen KuoSong DynastyTang DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 4: Significant were the contributions of Nicolas Jenson, Francesco Griffo, ________, and other printers of late 15th-century Europe.
AristotleAldus ManutiusDemosthenesPindar

Question 5: Block printing, called tarsh in Arabic was developed in Arabic Egypt during the 9th-10th centuries, mostly for prayers and ________.
RosarySacramentalsAmuletHoly water

Question 6: He made more than 30,000 wooden movable types and printed 100 copies of Records of Jingde County (旌德县志), a book of more than 60,000 ________.
Chinese characterChinese languageKanjiSimplified Chinese characters

Question 7: Proliferation of movable type was also obstructed by a "________ prohibition on the commercialization of printing" restricted the distribution of books produced using the new method to the government.
Han DynastyConfucianismChinese philosophyConfucius

Question 8: [22] It was not until the In ________ (1368–1644 AD) that metal movable type was successfully employed, and invented separately from Korea[citation needed].
Ming DynastyHan DynastyTang DynastySong Dynasty

Question 9: Metal movable type was most likely first invented in Korea during the ________ (around 1230).
GoguryeoBalhaeJoseon DynastyGoryeo

Question 10: Transition from wood type to metal type occurred in 1234 during the ________ of Korea and is credited to Choe Yun-ui.
Joseon DynastyGoryeoGoguryeoBalhae

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