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Question 1: ________ plating is standard on all brass mouthpieces because it is the most cost-effective, and is a good material in terms of tone quality.

Question 2: For example, trumpet and ________ mouthpieces are semi-spherical whereas horn mouthpieces are conic.
OrchestraTrombone20th-century classical musicClarinet

Question 3: For some people who are allergic to silver, this is the best (but not cheapest) way to keep playing on a ________ without discomfort.
TrumpetTromboneBrass instrumentAlto horn

Question 4: Gold does not tarnish by nature and subsequently requires little maintenance apart from washing regularly with ________ and water.
PotassiumAluminiumPalm oilSoap

Question 5: On ________ the mouthpiece is the part of the instrument which is placed upon the player's lips.
Brass instrumentTromboneAlto hornTrumpet

Question 6: Also, mouthpieces are selected to suit the ________ of the player, to produce certain timbre, or to optimize the instrument for certain playing styles.
OboeEmbouchureClarinetCor anglais (English horn)

Question 7: The purpose of the mouthpiece is a ________, which passes vibration from the lips to the column of air contained within the instrument, giving rise to the standing wave pattern of vibration in the air column.
Maxwell's equationsElectrical impedanceElectrical networkResonator


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