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Mousterian: Quiz


Question 1: ________
NeolithicSynoptic table of the principal old world prehistoric culturesDetailed logarithmic timelinePrehistory

Question 2: [1] Similar flintwork has been found all over unglaciated ________ and also the Near East and North Africa.
Western EuropeBalkansEuropeEastern Europe

Question 3: — The Neanderthal Sites at Veldwezelt-Hezerwater, ________
DenmarkSpainBelgiumUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Neanderthals’ Last Stand Is Traced________ article (Published: September 13, 2006)7
The Boston GlobeThe New York TimesInternational Herald TribuneThe New York Times Company

Question 5: Mousterian is a name given by archaeologists to a style of predominantly flint tools (or industry) associated primarily with Homo neanderthalensis and dating to the ________, the middle part of the Old Stone Age.
Middle PaleolithicUpper PaleolithicPaleolithic religionBehavioral modernity

Question 6: It was named after the type site of Le Moustier, a rock shelter in the ________ region of France.

Question 7: Handaxes, racloirs and points constitute the industry; sometimes a Levallois technique or another ________ was employed in making the flint flakes.
Prepared-core techniqueStone toolLithic flakeBlade (archaeology)


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