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Mouride: Quiz


Question 1: For this contribution, Serigne Fallou, the 2nd ________ after Amadou Bamba, named him "Lamp Fall" (the light of Mouridism)[5].
Muslim historyIslamCaliphCaliphate

Question 2: Recent prominent Mourides include ________ who is the current president of Senegal and a devout Mouride.
Moustapha NiasseAbdoulaye BathilySenegalese presidential election, 2007Abdoulaye Wade

Question 3: Bamba's followers call him a "renewer" (mujaddid in Arabic) of ________.
Islamic schools and branchesMosqueIslamMuslim history

Question 4:
On Touba: "And to the orthodox fundamentalist it's utter heresy. Bringing bin Laden here would be like taking Ian Paisley to the Mexican ________."
Halloween around the worldTrick-or-treatingBonfireDay of the Dead

Question 5: The Mouride brotherhood was founded in 1883 in Senegal by Shaykh Aḥmadu Bàmba Mbàkke, commonly known as ________ (1850-1927).
Amadou BambaSufismTijaniyyahMauritania

Question 6: Most of these cities with a large ________ immigrant population have a Keur Serigne Touba (Residence of the Master of Touba), a seat for the community which accommodates meetings and prayers while also being used as a provisional residence for newcomers.
MozambiqueGuinea-BissauSenegalCôte d'Ivoire

Question 7: Or, when the French put him in a furnace, he simply sat down in it and drank tea with ________.

Question 8: In Paris and ________, a number of the Mouride followers are small street merchants.
BrooklynManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York City

Question 9: In the ________ he is called Sëriñ Tuubaa, "Holy Man of Touba".
Fula languageArabic languageWolof languageFrench language

Question 10: Amadou Bamba was a ________ mystic and ascetic marabout, a spiritual leader who wrote tracts on meditation, rituals, work, and Qur'anic study.


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