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Mountain climate: Quiz


Question 1: It is often contrasted to the climate of the ________, lowland area surrounding or near the same mountains.
FogCloud condensation nucleiCloudPrecipitation (meteorology)

Question 2: Under the Köppen climate classification scheme, areas described as having a mountain climate can fit under Alpine climate, or under Hemiboreal climate, but also ________ climates.
MexicoUnited StatesOceanic climateSemi-arid climate

Question 3: Mountain Climate (also highland climate) is a crude geographical term used for the kind of ________ in the mountains and generally in the high country.
Precipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyRainClimate

Question 4: The mountain climate in the ________ is particularly known for the notion of four zones of elevation:
Gran ChacoGeographyAndesPhysical geography


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