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Mountain Hawk-eagle: Quiz


Question 1: Like all eagles, it is in the family ________.
Sea eagleAccipitriformesButeoninaeAccipitridae

Question 2: The heavier underpart streaking and wing shape help to distinguish this species from the similar ________ (Nisaetus cirrhatus).
Changeable Hawk-eagleMountain Hawk-eagleAfrican Hawk-eagleAccipitridae

Question 3: Mountain Hawk-eagles eat small ________, birds and reptiles.
MammalEven-toed ungulatePrimateMammal classification

Question 4: It is a ________ of mountain woodland, which builds a stick nest in a tree and lays usually a single egg.
ArchaeopteryxEnantiornithesModern birdsBird

Question 5: It breeds in southern ________ from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka to China, Taiwan and Japan.

Question 6: The typical adult has brown upperparts and pale underparts, with barring on the undersides of the flight ________ and tail.
Flight featherBirdFeatherArchaeopteryx


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