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Mount Tambora: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: [4] In summer 1816, countries in the Northern Hemisphere suffered extreme weather conditions, dubbed the ________.
Year Without a SummerMount TamboraUnited KingdomVolcanic winter

Question 3: As Zollinger climbed up, his feet sank several times through a thin surface crust into a warm layer of powder-like ________.

Question 4: Tambora erupted in 1816 with a rating of seven on the ________, making it the largest eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about 180 CE.
SupervolcanoVolcanic Explosivity IndexVolcanoMount Garibaldi

Question 5: Due to the unknown cause of the problems, demonstrations in front of grain markets and bakeries, followed by riots, arson and ________, took place in many European cities.
LootingLooted artNew York CityLos Angeles

Question 6:
When did Mount Tambora last erupt?
1707 u00B1 30
2360 BC u00B1 150 years

Question 7:
What type is thing is Mount Tambora?

Question 8: [16] On the morning of April 6, volcanic ash began to fall in ________ with faint detonation sounds lasting until 10 April.
YogyakartaCentral JavaBaliEast Java

Question 9: At the site, dubbed the ________ of the East, the artifacts were preserved in the positions they had occupied in 1815.

Question 10: Mount Tambora experienced several centuries of inactivity before 1815, known as dormancy, as the result of the gradual cooling of hydrous magma in a closed ________ chamber.
Igneous rockBasaltGraniteMagma

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