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Mount Sinai: Quiz


Question 1:
Where is Mount Sinai?

Question 2:
How many metres above sea level is Mount Sinai?
2,285 m

Question 3: Mount Sinai's rocks were formed in the late stage of the ________'s (ANS) evolution.
JordanSaudi ArabiaEgyptArabian-Nubian Shield

Question 4: [6] At the summit also is "Moses' cave" where Moses waited to receive the ________.
Biblical canonBibleTen CommandmentsChristianity and Judaism

Question 5: The summit of the mountain has a ________ and a Greek Orthodox chapel (which was constructed in 1934 on the ruins of a 16th century church) neither of which are open to the public.
Muslim worldMosqueMuslim historyIslam

Question 6: Jebel Musa, Morocco, a similarly-named mountain in ________
JordanSaudi ArabiaMoroccoUnited Arab Emirates

Question 7: Also, for Muslims, there is a chapter named after this mountain in the Qur’an, entitled Sūrat al-Tīn, sūrah 95, in which God swears by the fig and the olive, by Mount Sinai, and by the city of ________.

Question 8: According to ________ tradition, this is the mountain where God gave laws to the Israelites.
JordanBedouinSaudi ArabiaEgypt

Question 9: In ________ the words jabal and ṭūr have similar meanings, and Mount Sinai is mentioned in the Quran chapter 'The Fig' (Sūrat al-Tīn) as "Ṭūr Sīnīn"[1].
Egyptian ArabicArabic languageModern Standard ArabicAncient North Arabian

Question 10: It is next to Mount St. Catherine (at 2,629 m,[3] the tallest peak on the Sinai ________)[4].
CliffHeadlandList of peninsulasCape (geography)


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