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Question 1: The hot springs were originally used and revered by ________ people.
First NationsInuitMétis people (Canada)Canada

Question 2: [5] As the oceanic crust of the Juan de Fuca and the Explorer Plate melts, it creates magma that penetrates the crust of the ________ and southwestern Coast Mountains, causing periodic eruptions of the volcanoes.
Cascade VolcanoesMount RainierCascades (ecoregion)Cascade Range

Question 3: Plans surface now and then for a "boutique" hotel and ski resort based around the two clusters of ________.
United StatesHot springVolcanoJapan

Question 4: Past eruptions at Mount Meager were Plinian eruptions suggesting that this volcano poses a significant threat to long distances across southern British Columbia and southern ________.

Question 5: The volcanoes formed over the past 35 million years as the Juan de Fuca Plate and the Explorer Plate to its west have been subducting under the North American Plate at the ________.
Mount CayleyMount GaribaldiCascade VolcanoesCascadia subduction zone

Question 6: It rests on a 400 m (1,312 ft) high ridge of nonvolcanic ________ and metamorphic rock.
SolidCarbonCrystal structureCrystal

Question 7: Natives of the zone possibly visited the Meager area to hunt ________, and probably visited the Meager Creek Hot Springs.
MilkCattleDomestic sheepGoat

Question 8: This eruption was similar in character to the ________, erupting from a vent on the north-east side of Plinth Peak.
1980 eruption of Mount St. HelensCascade VolcanoesMount MazamaCelilo Falls

Question 9: Mount Meager lies within the ________, which is the single largest contiguous granite outcropping in the world.
Cascade VolcanoesCoast Range ArcCoast MountainsAnahim hotspot

Question 10: Mount Meager is Pliocene-to-________ in age with glaciers on its slopes.
10th millennium BCPleistoceneGeologic time scaleHolocene


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