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Mount Mazama: Quiz


Question 1: Lava flows may build up over time, reducing the lake's depth, and may eventually divide it into more than one body of water (this happened to ________).
Newberry VolcanoMount MazamaMount Jefferson (Oregon)Mount Bachelor

Question 2: One to two hundred years later (based on ________) the last major eruption before the caldera was formed, the Cleetwood flow, occurred.
Isotope geochemistryGeologic time scaleRadiometric datingRadiocarbon dating

Question 3: Cone building eruptions lasted until around 50,000 years ago when andesite ________ flowed down Mazama's north and southwest slopes.
VolcanoLavaIgneous rockBasalt

Question 4: After its cone building phase, Mazama lavas became increasingly ________-rich and viscous - two conditions that tend to trap explosive gases.
AmethystQuartzOpalSilicon dioxide

Question 5: Part of the remainder was filled with water from snowmelt and rain to eventually form ________.
Crater LakeUnion PeakMount MazamaMount Scott (Klamath County, Oregon)

Question 6: These flows moved out in all directions from Mazama, following ________ valleys and in some cases not coming to rest for 40 miles (64 km).
RiverStreamDrainage basinEstuary

Question 7: Crater Lake reaches a maximum depth of 1,958 feet (597 m), making it the second deepest lake in North America (after ________'s Great Slave Lake).
CanadaUnited KingdomBarbadosUnited States

Question 8: Consequently, Mazama's base was broader and its side not as steep as today's ________.
Mount RainierMount St. HelensMount HoodMount Shasta

Question 9: Either way, their destruction created large landslides that left deposits at the head of ________ and as far away as Devils Backbone.
Rim Village Historic DistrictRim DriveCrater Lake LodgeMunson Valley Historic District

Question 10: The volcano's collapsed caldera holds ________, and the entire mountain is located within Crater Lake National Park.
Mount Scott (Klamath County, Oregon)Union PeakMount MazamaCrater Lake


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