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Mount Elbrus: Quiz


Question 1:
When did Mount Elbrus last erupt?
1050 BC u00B1 1000 years
5700 BC ± 50 years
550 AD u00B1 150 years
50 CE u00B1 50 years

Question 2: The climb is not technically difficult, but it is physically arduous because of the elevations and the frequent strong ________.
Precipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyWindThunderstorm

Question 3: The Normal Route is the easiest, safest and fastest on account of the cable car and ________ system which operates from about 9am till 3pm.
Detachable chairliftChairliftGondola liftAerial tramway

Question 4:
What type is thing is Mount Elbrus?
Stratovolcano with caldera
Active stratovolcano

Question 5:
Where is Mount Elbrus?
Hong Kong, China, additional offices in Europe, Asia and North America
Russia, on the border of Asia and Europe
Staff located across North America and Asia
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, South Jakarta, Indonesia

Question 6:
What mountain range is Mount Elbrus a part of?

Question 7: The Soviet Union encouraged ascents of Elbrus, and in 1956 it was climbed en masse by 400 mountaineers to mark the 400th anniversary of the incorporation of ________, the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic where Elbrus was located.

Question 8: There are still more various signs of activity still present on the volcano, including solfateric activity and ________.
Hot springJapanUnited StatesChile

Question 9: Elbrus is notorious for its brutal winter ________, and summit attempts are few and far between.

Question 10: During the early years of the ________, mountaineering became a popular sport of the masses, and there was tremendous traffic on the mountain.
Joseph StalinSoviet UnionRussiaEast Germany

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