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Motte-and-bailey: Quiz


Question 1: There are two surviving examples of castles with two mottes, one being Lewes Castle and the other ________.
LeicesterLincoln CastleNorwichLincoln, Lincolnshire

Question 2: Alternatively, the multiple baileys could flank the motte, such as at ________.
Edinburgh CastleHampton Court PalaceWindsor CastleBuckingham Palace

Question 3: A motte-and-bailey is a form of ________ situated on a raised earthwork and surrounded by a protective fence.
CastleFortificationKeepHill fort

Question 4: The outer surface of the mound could be covered with ________ or strengthened with wooden supports.
ClaySoil liquefactionSoilSand

Question 5: Many were built in Britain, Ireland and ________ in the 11th and 12th centuries, favoured as a relatively cheap but effective defensive fortification that could repel most small attacks.
United KingdomItalyCanadaFrance

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