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Question 1: In some cases regulatory requirements have been complicated by lobbying in respect of the ________.
United StatesUnited KingdomPragueSegway PT

Question 2: Most electric bicycles can be classified as ________, as they emit no combustion byproducts.
Zero-emissions vehicleEnergy developmentSustainable transportEnvironmental technology

Question 3: Motorized bicycles are distinguished from ________ by being capable of being powered by pedals alone if required.
Motorcycle engineSuzukiMotorcycleMotorcycle history

Question 4: A motorized bicycle is a ________ with an attached motor used to power the vehicle, or to assist with pedaling.
Recumbent bicycleBicycle trailerBicycleUnicycle

Question 5: The origins of the motorized bicycle can be traced back to the latter part of the 19th century when experimenters began attaching steam ________ to stock tricycles and quadracycles.
Stirling engineJet engineDiesel engineEngine

Question 6: The last volume manufactured in-wheel IC engine was used on the Honda P50 ________ which ceased production around 1968.

Question 7: The environmental effects of ________ and power distribution and of manufacturing and disposing of (limited life) high storage density batteries must be taken into account.
Wind powerGrid energy storagePower stationElectricity generation

Question 8: Individuals have built bicycles powered by steam and ________, and there are many known jet propelled bicycles.
Electric vehicleCompressed air carCompressed-air vehicleCompressed-air engine

Question 9: [citation needed] This moved into attempts to fit the newly-invented ________ to the bicycle form.
AutomobileStroke ratioSpark-ignition engineInternal combustion engine

Question 10: Development diverged into two distinct streams: ________, which are powered solely by their engines, and motorized bicycles as defined above.
MotorcycleMotorcycle engineMotorcycle historySuzuki


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