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Question 1: An ________ is a motor driven high frequency alternator which provides radio frequency power.
Nikola TeslaAlexanderson alternatorArc converterSpark-gap transmitter

Question 2: They also have inherently excellent resistance to ________ (ESD).
HydrogenLightningElectrostatic dischargeElectrical breakdown

Question 3: The Motor-generator set is used to convert ________, voltage, and phase of power.
SoundOpticsElectromagnetic radiationFrequency

Question 4: ________ (AC) to direct current (DC)
TransformerAlternating currentElectricityElectric current

Question 5: Instead, they would typically use an inverter circuit consisting of a vibrator (a self-exciting relay) and a ________ to produce the B+ voltages required for the vacuum tubes.
Transformer typesInductorTransformerNikola Tesla

Question 6: For example, ________ fusion devices impose very large peak loads, but relatively low average loads, on the electrical grid.
Nuclear fusionFusion powerTokamakITER

Question 7: In the early days of radio communication, the high frequency carrier wave had to be produced mechanically using an ________ with many poles driven at high speeds.
Nikola TeslaMagnetic fieldAlternatorElectrical generator

Question 8: AC at one ________ to AC at another harmonically-related frequency
FrequencySoundElectromagnetic radiationWave

Question 9: In the context of hybrid vehicles and other lightweight power systems, a motor-generator can be used to describe a single power transducer that can be used as either an ________ or a generator, converting between electrical power and mechanical power.
Electric motorInduction motorAC motorMotor controller

Question 10: By comparison, simple, low-powered consumer electronics devices like ________ car radios did not use motor-generators.
X-rayVacuum tubeDiodeHot cathode


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