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Question 1: "Intent" in criminal law is synonymous with ________, which means no more than the specific mental purpose to perform a deed that is forbidden by a criminal statute, or the reckless disregard of whether the law will be violated.
Strict liability (criminal)Attempt crimeMens reaCriminal negligence

Question 2: First, ________ is so drastic a crime that most people recoil from the thought of being able to do it; proof of motive explains why the accused did so desperate an act.

Question 3: In law, especially ________, a motive is the cause that moves people to induce a certain action.
FraudDuressTortCriminal law

Question 4: Moreover, most ________ jurisdictions have statutes that provide for degrees of homicide, based in part on the accused's mental state.
ShariaCommon lawReception statuteCivil law (legal system)


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