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Question 1: Motivation to participate and contribute represents one of the most important element in the success of online communities (and ________).
Online communityGroup (online social networking)Virtual communitySocial network service

Question 2: Money is the most obvious example, but ________ and threat of punishment are also common extrinsic motivations.
CoercionMind controlAngerPropaganda

Question 3: Note also that there is already questioning and expansion about this dichotomy on motivation, e.g., ________.
Experimental psychologySelf-determination theoryEducational psychologyCognitive psychology

Question 4: The theory is based on diverse ideas from the theories of ________ to the ideas of feedback control systems, such as a thermostat.
Sigmund FreudImmanuel KantExistentialismWilliam James

Question 5: Intrinsic motivation has been explained by Fritz Heider's attribution theory, Bandura's work on ________, [3] and Ryan and Deci's cognitive evaluation theory.
Self-efficacyErik EriksonAlbert BanduraEducational psychology

Question 6: Mayo named the model the ________.
MotivationPlaceboHawthorne effectUncertainty principle

Question 7: Several self-regulatory constructs are needed to operate in ________ to attain goals.
Sheet musicMusicMusical ensembleOrchestration

Question 8: ________, developed by Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, focuses on the importance of intrinsic motivation in driving human behavior.
Self-determination theoryEducational psychologyExperimental psychologyCognitive psychology

Question 9: Motivation has been found to be a pivotal area in treating Autism Spectrum Disorders, as in ________.
Autism rights movementAsperger syndromeConditions comorbid to autism spectrum disordersPivotal response therapy

Question 10: Clayton Alderfer, expanding on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, created the ERG theory (________, relatedness and growth).


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