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Question 1: The ________ responds by inducing vomiting, to clear the supposed toxin.
Nervous systemDigestionBrainSensory system

Question 2: The use of a tripod or a camcorder with ________ technology while filming can minimize this effect.
NikonDigital single-lens reflex cameraDigital cameraImage stabilization

Question 3: For example, ________ and prochlorperazine, although widely used for nausea, are ineffective for motion-sickness prevention and treatment.

Question 4: ________ is effective[16] and is sometimes used in the form of transdermal patches (1.5 mg) or as a newer tablet form (0.4 mg).

Question 5: Airsickness occurs when the ________ receives conflicting messages from the body (including the inner ear, eyes and muscles) affecting balance and equilibrium.
NeuronGrey matterWhite matterCentral nervous system

Question 6: Sedating anti-histamine medications such as ________ work quite well for motion sickness, although they can cause significant drowsiness.

Question 7: However, the first significant cases were in early Apollo flights; Frank Borman on ________ and Rusty Schweickart on Apollo 9.
Apollo 8Apollo programJim LovellApollo 11

Question 8: For the sake of novelty, Imax and other panoramic type theaters often show dramatic motions such as flying over a landscape or riding a ________.
Roller coasterInverted roller coasterWooden roller coasterRoller coaster elements

Question 9: Seasickness is a form of motion sickness characterized by a feeling of nausea and, in extreme cases, vertigo experienced after spending time on a craft on ________.
OxygenWaterWater resourcesEarth

Question 10: In this case, a ________ was used to film the movie.
Digital videoBetacamD-VHSCamcorder

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