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Motion control photography: Quiz


Question 1: Motion control photography is a technique used in still and motion ________ that enables precise control of, and optionally also allows repetition of, camera movements.
Digital photographyPhotographyDaguerreotypeHolography

Question 2: ________, the process of recording movement
Computer animationAnimationTraditional animationMotion capture

Question 3: The process can involve filming several elements using the same camera motion, and then ________ the elements into a single image.
Augmented realityCompositingChroma keyVirtual reality

Question 4: Other effects are often used along with motion control, such as ________ to aid the compositing.
Simulated realityChroma keyVirtual realityAlternate reality game

Question 5: By changing the frame rates and the ________, models can seem to be much larger than they actually are, and the speed of the camera motion can be increased or decreased accordingly.
Angle of viewDepth of fieldApertureCircle of confusion

Question 6: It can be used to facilitate ________ photography.
Miniature effectIndustrial Light & MagicComputer-generated imagerySpecial effect

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