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Question 1: Rabban Hormizd Monastery, the monastery of Notre-Dame des Semences, near the Assyrian town of ________
IraqMosulAlqoshTel Keppe

Question 2:
What timezone is Mosul in?
UTC -4 for Labrador
-4 Gmt
UTC- 4
GMT +4

Question 3: In 612 BC, the Mede emperor Cyaxares, together with the alliance of Nabopolassar king of ________, conquered Nineveh.
MesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireBabylonBabylonia

Question 4: Mosul became an important commercial center of the ________ and Persian Empire in the 6th century BC.
Sassanid EmpireSeleucid EmpireAchaemenid EmpireMedes

Question 5: The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan blames ________ and former Ba'ath Party's [21].
TalibanIslamic terrorismAl-QaedaOsama bin Laden

Question 6:
Which of the following subdivisions is Mosul in?

Question 7: The city changed hands once again with the rise of ________ in 226 AD.
MedesSassanid EmpireAchaemenid EmpireRashidun Caliphate

Question 8: It became an episcopal seat of the ________ branch of Christianity in the 6th century.
TrinityNestorianismBiblical canonChristology

Question 9: The Islamic terrorist group Army of Ansar al-Sunna (partly evolved from ________) declared responsibility for the attack in an Internet statement.
Ansar al-IslamIraqi KurdistanSaddam HusseinKurdish people

Question 10: ________ reported that 72 other personnel were injured in the attack carried out by a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest and the uniform of the Iraqi security services.
United States Military AcademyThe PentagonUnited States NavyUnited States Marine Corps


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