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Question 1: In November 2005, the Mossos took full duties in the city of ________.
Sagrada FamíliaBarcelonaÀmbit metropolità de BarcelonaLa Rambla, Barcelona

Question 2: Mossos d'Esquadra (English: "Troopers", literally "Squad Lads") is the police force of Catalonia, one of the ________, along with the Policia Municipal.
Autonomous communities of SpainMunicipalityProvinceProvinces of Spain

Question 3: After the ________, the last Mossos left Catalonia with the President of the Generalitat and the corps was dissolved by the Francoist authorities.
Spanish Civil War, 1937Spanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War, 1936POUM

Question 4: Under his son ________, the Mossos were not well regarded in Catalonia, specially by the Mancomunitat de Catalunya, who paid them but had no control over them.
Infante Jaime, Duke of SegoviaJuan, Count of MontizónAlfonso XIII of SpainCharles III of Spain

Question 5: They were originally men-at-arms who had fought as irregulars in the War of the Spanish Succession, and were brought together by the mayor of the town of Valls near ________ between 1719–1721.
Alcalá de HenaresToledo, SpainTarragonaLugo

Question 6: They were reinstated in 1876 under the reign of Isabella's son king ________, but only in the province of Barcelona.
Charles IV of SpainCharles III of SpainFerdinand VII of SpainAlfonso XII of Spain

Question 7: They were dissolved in 1868 by General Prim after the fall of Queen ________, since the Mossos had always been royalists.
Maria Luisa of Spain, Duchess of LuccaInfanta Eulalia of SpainIsabella II of SpainCharles III of Spain

Question 8: It is the oldest[1] civil police force in ________, founded in the 18th century as the 'Esquadres de Catalunya' to protect the people of Catalonia.
BalkansWestern EuropeEastern EuropeEurope

Question 9: When the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed, however, the Mossos sided with the ________.
History of CataloniaGeneralitat of CataloniaCatalan nationalismPolitics of Catalonia


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