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Question 1:
What role did Frank W. Taylor play in the movie Moss?
Plucky Schump
Moss Coogan
Duane Coogan

Question 2: Sulfur and ________ are essential nutrients for some competing plants like grasses.

Question 3:
Who played Duane Coogan the movie Moss?
Matthew Germain
Gerard Parkes
Matthew Germain
Sean McCann

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  Retaining wall covered in moss
  Life cycle of a typical moss (Polytrichum commune)

Question 5:
What role did Louis Di Bianco play in the movie Moss?
Plucky Schump
Cy Flood
Moss Coogan

Question 6: Physcomitrella patens is increasingly used in ________.

Question 7: In ________, Moss is used as a Christmas decoration.
PhilippinesNicaraguaMexicoUnited States

Question 8:
What role did Matthew Germain play in the movie Moss?
Plucky Schump
Duane Coogan
Moss Coogan

Question 9: Decaying moss in the genus Sphagnum is also the major component of peat, which is "mined" for use as a fuel, as a horticultural soil additive, and in smoking malt in the production of ________.
TaliskerScotch whiskyGlengoyne DistilleryGlenmorangie

Question 10: In ________, peat mosses have been used to make bread during famines.

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