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Moscow Trials: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - former premier and member of Politburo
Vyacheslav MolotovVladimir LeninJoseph StalinAlexey Rykov

Question 2: Three out of five Soviet marshals (Alexander Yegorov, Vasily Blyukher, Tukhachevsky) and several thousands of the ________ officers were arrested or shot.
Red ArmySoviet Armed ForcesEastern Front (World War II)Russia

Question 3: The commission was headed by the noted American philosopher and educator ________.
PlatoImmanuel KantDavid HumeJohn Dewey

Question 4: In January 1989, the official newspaper ________ reported that 25,000 persons had been posthumously rehabilitated.
Eastern BlocBoris YeltsinVyacheslav MolotovPravda

Question 5: However, it featured the same type of frame-up of the defendants and it is traditionally considered one of the key trials of the ________.
Moscow TrialsMass killings under Communist regimesGreat PurgeJoseph Stalin

Question 6: The article was ironically illustrated by a photograph of Stalin with Nikolai Yezhov, himself shortly to vanish and his photographs airbrushed from history by ________ archivists.
ChekaNKVDKGBEastern Bloc politics

Question 7: In May 1937 the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made against ________ in the Moscow Trials, commonly known as the Dewey Commission, was set up in the United States by supporters of Trotsky, to establish the truth about the trials.
Leon TrotskyEduard ShevardnadzeChristian RakovskyVyacheslav Molotov

Question 8: Nikolai Bukharin - Marxist theoretician, former head of ________ and member of Politburo
MarxismLeft communismCommunismComintern

Question 9: It was at this time that Stalin personally intervened to speed up the process and replaced Yagoda with ________.
Joseph StalinNikolai YezhovGreat PurgeGenrikh Yagoda

Question 10: Mikhail Tukhachevsky and the senior military officers ________, Ieronim Uborevich, Robert Eideman, Avgust Kork, Vitovt Putna, B.M.
Soviet UnionRed ArmyJoseph StalinIona Yakir


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