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Question 1: Rather than being assembled by hand, mosaics designed using ________ (CAD) software can be assembled by robot.
CATIA2D computer graphics3D computer graphics softwareComputer-aided design

Question 2: The Chapel of Ss. Primo e Feliciano in ________ has very interesting and rare mosaics from the 7th century.
Pope Gregory ISanto Stefano RotondoSt. Peter's BasilicaRome

Question 3: A similar Theotokos image flanked by two archangels were made for the Hagia Sophia in ________ in 867.
ConstantinopleByzantine navyByzantine EmpireByzantine army

Question 4: The only surviving 12th-century mosaic work in ________ is a panel in Hagia Sophia depicting Emperor John II and Empress Eirene with the Theotokos (1122–34).
Byzantine EmpireByzantine armyConstantinopleByzantine navy

Question 5: Ostrogoths kept alive the tradition in the sixth century, as the mosaics of the Arian Baptistry, Baptistry of Neon, Archiepiscopal Chapel, and the earlier phase mosaics in the ________ and Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo testify.
Basilica of San VitaleRomeItalyRavenna

Question 6: [15] A modern example of mosaic is the Museum of Natural History station of the ________.
Second Avenue SubwayNew York City Subway chainingNew York City SubwayNew York City Subway rolling stock

Question 7: Micromosaic: using very small tesserae, in ________ icons and Italian panels for jewellery from the Renaissance on.
Byzantine EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 8: The composition resembles the great baptistries in ________, with apostles standing between palms and Christ in the middle.

Question 9: The Nea Moni Monastery on ________ was established by Constantine Monomachos in 1043-1056.
ChiosPatmosDelosSamos Island

Question 10: Beyond the ________ the first important example of mosaic art was the decoration of the Palatine Chapel in Aachen, commissioned by Charlemagne.
Jura MountainsAlpsHimalayasGeography

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