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Mortal sin: Quiz


Question 1: The latter are not sins but rather categories of sin or vice, corresponding to weaknesses in ________.
Human natureGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelMindPhilosophy

Question 2: Mortal sin is sin that, unless forgiven and fully absolved, condemns a person to ________ after death.

Question 3: All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not mortal." (________)
New Revised Standard VersionRevised Standard VersionNew American Standard BibleEnglish Standard Version

Question 4: Some of these crimes are so serious that they merit not imposed, but automatic, ________ from the Catholic Church.
New TestamentShunningExcommunicationBishop

Question 5: Because commission of these offenses are so serious, the Church forbids the excommunicated from receiving any sacrament (not just the ________) and also severely restricts the person's participation in other Church liturgical acts and offices.
Eucharistic theologyTransubstantiationEucharistSacramental bread

Question 6: The Roman Catholic teaching on mortal sin was called into question by some within the Church in the late 20th century after the ________.
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchSecond Vatican CouncilPope John Paul II

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