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Question 1: He is a member of Castle Sunshine's Council of Nine alongside ________, Gandalf, Glinda, Jesus Christ, Luke Skywalker, Popeye, Wonder Woman, and Zeus.
Narnia (world)The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeWhite WitchAslan

Question 2:
Who portrayed Morpheus (The Matrix)?

Question 3: Morpheus appears in the South Park ________ trilogy.
South Park (season 1)South Park (season 11)South Park themesImaginationland Episode I

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Morpheus (The Matrix) have?
Suburban Myth
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version mix
Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar

Question 5:
What gender is Morpheus (The Matrix)?

Question 6: The ship successfully stops the first onslaught of the Machine attack with the ship's ________ weapon.
PhotonElectromagnetic pulseElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiation

Question 7: The Wachowski brothers, writers and directors of The Matrix films, were fans of ________ and based the character of Morpheus on the title character from the comic book The Sandman, also adopting one of his most common pseudonyms, Morpheus.
Neil Gaiman bibliographyNeil GaimanThe Sandman (Vertigo)American Gods

Question 8: In the final film ________, Morpheus is somewhat dispirited, and has problems in understanding now what may happen to Zion and its people.
The Matrix (franchise)The Matrix RevolutionsThe MatrixThe Matrix Reloaded

Question 9: Neo is eventually killed by ________ shortly after the rescue, but revived as the One and returned to the Nebuchadnezzar before the Machines' Sentinels can destroy the ship.
Agent SmithNeo (The Matrix)The MatrixMorpheus (The Matrix)

Question 10: In Chapter 1.2 of ________, Morpheus grows impatient with the machines and demands that they return the body of Neo.
The Matrix OnlineEnter the MatrixThe MatrixThe Matrix Reloaded


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