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Morgenthau Plan: Quiz


Question 1: occupation efforts were to be focused on ________ and the destruction of heavy industry war-production capability.
Nazi GermanyGermanyDenazificationCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 2: Morgenthau had been able to wield considerable influence over ________ Directive 1067.
United States Secretary of the NavyJoint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Department of DefenseUnited States Secretary of the Army

Question 3: convinced Roosevelt to write to Secretary of State ________ and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson saying that a U.S.
James BuchananAl GoreCordell HullJohn C. Calhoun

Question 4: Germany's main centers of mining and industry, including the Saar area, the ________ and Upper Silesia were to be internationalized or annexed by neighboring nations.

Question 5: 49, ________ (Excellent description on how JCS 1067 was repudiated by General Marshall in 1947)
HawaiiWashington, D.C.IndianaUnited States Institute of Peace

Question 6: ________ urged a stop to helping Dr.
Slate (magazine)The Washington PostDonald E. GrahamNewsweek

Question 7: "The high cost of vengeance", 1948 By ________, available for download as PDF (14MB)
World War IIJoseph StalinAdolf HitlerFreda Utley

Question 8: plans for "industrial disarmament" included detaching the Saarland and the ________ from Germany in order to remove much of the remaining industrial potential.

Question 9: For example ________, Central Labour Camp Potulice, ŇĀambinowice, Zgoda labour camp and others.
Operation VistulaCentral Labour Camp JaworznoAuschwitz concentration campArmia Krajowa

Question 10: ________'s situation reports from 1947, and "A Report on Germany" also served to help change occupation policy.
Richard NixonDwight D. EisenhowerGerald FordHerbert Hoover

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